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We are your dependable pet-care partner. Just like you, we want your pet to have a long, happy, and healthy life!

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Provide Your Pets The Care They Deserve with Vet Riverside, CA

Whatever the case, as long as an animal is concerned, Vet Riverside, CA, will provide it the care it deserves. We are always ready to provide high-quality and effective care as we have highly-skilled and licensed veterinarians, vet technicians, and vet nurses available round-the-clock. If your pet is in urgent need of medical attention, as in the case of accidents and emergencies, give us a call for a quick response! Our emergency medical team will provide instructions for first-aid care as you wait for their arrival. We will transport your pet safely and immediately to our facility or the nearest pet hospital.

Vet Riverside CA

Preparing for Your Vet Riverside, CA, Appointment

The veterinary staff of Vet Riverside are your reliable partners in maintaining your pet's overall health and welfare. As professionals and your pet care partner, they only have you and your pet’s best interests in mind. In order to assist you in helping your pet recover from illness, your vets require your honesty and cooperation during your scheduled appointment with them. Therefore before you consult with them, please prepare the following:

Your pet’s records. It is very crucial that you bring your pet’s records with you and show them to your vet, especially if you are changing vets or getting a second opinion on your pet’s condition. Show the vet their medical, vaccination, insurance details, etc. Some pet owners also keep their own record of their pet’s significant events relating to their health. This will serve as an invaluable resource for your veterinarian if you have one. If you plan to keep your own record, aim to include details about your pet’s breed, date of birth, age, gender, vaccinations, illnesses, prescriptions, weight, diet, drug allergies, etc.


Why Choose Us

Emergency Services - Vet Riverside CA


Our quick-response team is always on standby to assist during emergencies.

Professional Team - Vet Riverside CA


Our veterinary staff comprises board-certified and highly-trained individuals.

Advanced Tools and Techniques - Vet Riverside CA

Advanced Tools
and Techniques

Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide accurate diagnoses and effective and efficient interventions.

Years of Experience - Vet Riverside CA

Years of

Each veterinary team member has an extensive background in veterinary medicine and care.

Specialized Treatments - Vet Riverside CA


We offer specialty care round-the-clock to provide our patients the care and treatment they deserve.

Comfortable Environment - Vet Riverside CA


We are Fear-Free certified. We also keep our facilities clean to promote comfort and rehabilitation.

Our Clients Say

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“My cat has diabetes so we regularly visit. The staff is really nice to my cat so she doesn’t feel nervous or anxious whenever she’s around them.”

Ian N.

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“I took my dog here because I noticed he was lethargic and refusing to eat. I appreciate that we didn’t have to wait long hours to see the vet. They were really prompt. They prescribed some antibiotics and taught me how to administer them to my dog. My dog got better after a few days so I’m really thankful.”

Carl S.

Client Image - Vet Riverside CA

“I adopted a senior dog a couple of months ago and took him here for their wellness services. He’s always very excited to see the vets and nurses here because he gets a lot of pets and attention from them.”

Allen B.

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