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Like humans, animals get sick too and they also need immediate care for the type of condition they have.

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Your compassionate animal health care providers in Riverside, California.

We are all aware that some domestic pets live shorter lives than others. We can treat any underlying issues they may be experiencing with various diagnostic tests or surgeries. Pets, of course, have long been considered family members. In terms of medical situations, they deserve to be treated with patience and compassion. For the care your pets require, contact Animal Hospital in Riverside.

The best pet care for you is Animal Hospital in Riverside CA.

It is common knowledge when pets are not feeling well; bring them to an animal care facility or a hospital. Your furry friends require the best care possible. It would be best to place a high value on your pet's health prevention. Our programs begin with a thorough medical examination, followed by general pet care, vaccination programs, nutrition advice, and internal and external parasite control prevention. At our Animal Hospital in Riverside facility, we have made a concerted effort to give our patients a comprehensive healthcare package and the most acceptable quality veterinarian treatment.

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Services we offer to our pet owners.

  • Inhouse and outhouse care. At our facility, we offer therapeutic interventions for your pet's diagnosed medical condition, which can be done in your home or, in some extreme cases, while your pet is in our hospital. Our pharmacy provides specific medications to outpatients. Our medical team will be available to your pets admitted to our facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Emergency medical interventions. Suppose you are looking for an animal hospital near Riverside CA, if something terrible happens to your pets and they need to be examined right away, bring them to our hospital, and our on-site veterinarian will gladly help. Always have your regular veterinarian's phone number, as well as your pet's medical history, on hand before admission. We strongly advise our dog and cat owners to use muzzles on their pets. The primary reason for this is that when an animal is stressed and in unfamiliar territory, the animal's first instinct is to bite someone the animal does not know.

  • Diagnostic examinations. Our veterinarians will examine your pets for any underlying medical issues. Our animal hospital facility includes cutting-edge imaging technology, can aid in diagnosis and treatment planning.

  • Rehabilitation program. We have various programs to help your pets recover from a surgical procedure, an injury, or a long-term illness. We provide tactile stimulation, ultrasound therapy, and laser therapy for your dogs if you want them to be safe and drug-free. Your pets will be back on their feet in no time.

  • Surgical procedures. Other veterinarians have referred us to other pet owners for a variety of surgical procedures. Our surgical staff can perform elective procedures such as spaying and neutering. What's more, we have emergency operations such as trauma or accidents, and we make sure that risks or issues are kept to a minimum to achieve positive results.

Other procedures are available.

We are grateful to have the most advanced diagnostic, surgical, and therapeutic equipment. The Animal Hospital in Riverside will keep a close eye on things.

  • Eye surgery. We collaborate with an ophthalmologist to perform eye procedures on cats and dogs, such as cataract removal and lens replacement. After a few days, your pets will be fine. After your dogs have been discharged, you will be given the necessary health instructions.

  • Allergy tracing. At Animal Hospital Riverside CA, you can have your pets tested for allergic reactions to food or environmental allergens. Their blood will be extracted and forwarded to another laboratory at that time. The results will indicate which foods to avoid and which best environments for your dogs.

  • Dental care. Our process allows us to examine your pet's oral health and uncover numerous dental conditions that might be deadly if left untreated. Periodontal disease is frequent in puppies and kittens, as you may be aware.