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Our team is dedicated to keeping your pets healthy all year long via proper nutrition and activity. We keep up with the newest breakthroughs in veterinary technology by putting them into practice.

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The value of disease prevention from our animal vet riverside CA

Pet owners recognize that their animals are members of the family. For this reason, it's only natural that as a pet owner, you'd want to look after them the same way you would a human family member. Pets, like people, require frequent check-ups with their doctors and regular and proper veterinarian treatment. Many problems can be detected early and treated before they grow into larger, more serious ones by seeing the veterinarian frequently. Our animal physicians at animal vet riverside CA provide you with regular veterinary care and several essential benefits. Thus, we would like you to read the importance of disease prevention below.

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Vaccination/Spaying and Neutering)

Vaccines are required for pets, just as they are for humans. Animals can now be vaccinated against various diseases to help extend their overall lifespan. Now, it depends on where you're going and what you're going to do with your pet, but skilled professionals can help you choose the right vaccines to keep your pet safe.

Dental care is crucial for your pet's general health. Regular dental care helps to prevent bad breath as well as several illnesses. Pet owners must understand that infections that start in the mouth can readily enter your animal's circulation and spread to critical organs.

The heartworm parasite is easily transmitted from one animal to another. It's done with the help of a parasitic worm that's spread by mosquito bites. This mosquito's infection can remain dormant in the animal's system for up to 6 months. Blood testing is one method of detecting heartworm. Unfortunately, it is impossible to see if your pet is not receiving regular veterinary care. Heartworm is often caught too late and can be deadly when this happens. Heartworm can be cured and is 100 percent avoidable with traditional medicine for pets who undergo regular care at our animal vet riverside CA.

Regular grooming is an often overlooked aspect of routine veterinarian treatment. Skin health requires a clean, tangle-free coat, and trimmed nails and teeth add to your pet's overall well-being.

Normandale's attentive medical experts can assist your animal with major or minor surgery. They are well-versed in all elements of anesthetic protocol and can tailor the anesthesia to your pet's needs. At Normandale, they think that post-surgery pain treatment is just as vital. They have a lot of experience with orthopedic surgery, such as repairing fractured bones, joints, and torn cruciate ligaments.

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When you adopt a pet, you agree to take on all of the obligations that come with it. One of the most important is ensuring that your pet is secure, happy, and healthy. Your pet not only becomes a member of your family, yet they also take up a piece of your heart for the rest of your life, and the last thing you want to see is someone you care about in pain. If you want your pet to live the fullest life possible, you must regularly take them to our animal vet riverside CA.