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Like humans, pets need vaccinations and boosters to prevent various diseases and stay healthy. One of the core dog vaccinations is the rabies vaccine.

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Pet Owners’ Guide to Rabies and Dog Vaccinations Riverside, CA

Rabies is a deadly disease that attacks the brain and spinal cord of mammals, including dogs and humans. This disease is preventable and can be treated if detected early on; however, once the symptoms of rabies become apparent, the virus can be fatal.

Tens of thousands of humans die every year because of rabies. One of the primary sources of human rabies transmission is the rabies-infected dogs. Dog Vaccinations Riverside helps dog owners protect their dogs from rabies and other severe and potentially life-threatening illnesses. Rabies vaccine will not only protect pets but also families.

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How Do Dogs Get Rabies?

Dogs get rabies when their open wound is exposed to or comes into contact with the saliva of a rabid animal. Dogs bitten by an infected animal may also become rabid. As soon as the virus enters the body, it will travel through the animal’s bloodstream and attack the nervous system.

Your dog may get rabies from other pets, but they may also get it from exposure to wild animals like bats, foxes, and raccoons, as they are the most common carriers. About 400 to 500 cases of rabies are reported each year in domestic pets, including dogs, cats, and ferrets.

Symptoms of Rabies

Symptoms of rabies in dogs depend on the animal’s response to the virus as it gathers strength and takes control of the dog’s brain. The symptoms become apparent through the rapid and extreme change in a dog's demeanor. When a usually gentle and friendly dog suddenly becomes tense, violent, and distrustful, it may have furious rabies. Dogs usually active and energetic but become listless, unresponsive, or look confused may have paralytic rabies.

Physical symptoms will also become apparent. You should watch for fever, trouble swallowing, staggering, excessive drooling, seizures, and even paralysis. Dogs might act as though they are overstimulated, which means lights, sound, and movement may have a negative effect on them as the virus progresses. They may look for a dark, quiet place to hide, or they may act aggressively.

Foaming at the mouth is one of the most well-known symptoms of rabies in dogs. Some dogs may not have foaming but may drool a lot. This indicates that the virus has progressed. Seizures and increasing paralysis are common in the final stages of rabies. Dogs in the final stage cannot control their muscles, especially in their head and throat, making it difficult for them to swallow. They may also die as they may have difficulty in breathing.

Prevent Rabies with Dog Vaccinations Riverside.

Rabies is very difficult to cure once a dog is infected. You must ensure that your dog is vaccinated. This will protect your dog, and your family as rabies is a zoonotic disease, which means it can be transmitted to humans from animals.

You can protect your dog from becoming infected with rabies by taking it to a licensed veterinarian or veterinary technician for a rabies vaccine for dogs.

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We offer immunizations to help pet owners protect their dogs from various severe and fatal diseases, including rabies. Our vet will educate you about various diseases and the vaccines that can prevent them. We will also provide you a schedule of your dog’s vaccination and keep you updated so you will not miss your schedule. If your dog has allergies or allergic reactions to the vaccines, we have Dog Allergist Riverside ready to assist.

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