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Most pets are reluctant to take medications of any form. However, the skill of administering medicines to pets is invaluable in the future.

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How To Give Pet Medicine According to Meds for Pets Riverside, CA

At some point, your pet will need to take medication. Certain medicines help prevent external or internal parasites and are used to treat a disease or an injury. Some are intended to keep pets in good shape or health. However, most pets do not like taking pills or swallowing bitter liquids. Knowing some tricks on giving your pet medication will help you and make the task way more manageable.

Below are some tips to help you give medication to your pets, according to Meds for Pets Riverside, the best source of safe, affordable, and effective medicine for pets in CA.

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Hiding Pills or Tablets in Food

One of the simplest ways to give medications to your pet is to hide them inside a treat. You can use some tasty treats available at pet stores and veterinary clinics to hide the drug to be given to your pet. You may also hide the medicine in pet and human food that your pet finds appealing. Some foods such as peanut butter, butter, cheese, bread, and deli meats can be used more effectively when hiding medicine. You may also hide their medication by mixing them into canned pet food.

Make sure your pet swallows the medication and does not spit it out after eating the surrounding food, as some dogs and cats can tell when you are hiding something in their food.

Pill Pockets for Pet Medication

Another way to give your pet medicine is by putting the pill in a pill pocket or wrapping it in a piece of cheese. This method works well for dogs. When they chew soft treats, they might bite into the bitter-tasting medicine, making it harder for you to trick them the next time. If your dog has had problems with foods or allergies, consult your veterinarian before using this method, as they may have issues with the ingredients used in pill pockets.

Using Games As a Distraction

You may use games to distract your pets. Hide the medication in one of the treats. Toss some real treats for your pets to catch. Then, give the medicine as another treat in between the real ones. They may not notice the medication as they become so focused on catching the treat.

Use Competition

If you have two pets, you may use the competition method to trick them. Bring out normal treats and their medication. Wrap the medicines in the same treat that you are giving them. Start by giving your non-medicating pet a treat for following your command. Then, give the same command to your medicating pet and give them a normal treat. Repeat the steps until you get a chance to give the medication to the pet that needs it.

But if you only have one pet, you may still use games to make medicine time a little more fun and entertaining. You can make them think that their medicine is a treat. For instance, while cooking, pretend that you accidentally dropped a treat with the medicine on the floor. Your pet will quickly take it and eat it without knowing there is medication inside.

Get Help from Meds for Pets Riverside

If it is still hard to give your pet its medication, Meds for Pets Riverside can help. We are experts in administering medication and addressing your veterinary needs. We can teach you effective ways that will help you ensure that your pet takes its medicine when it needs to. Contact us through phone or email today. You may also inquire by filling out our online form.