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Dog grooming is not just for show dogs. Every responsible dog owner has to regularly bring their pet to the groomers to keep them healthy and happy.

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Pets need grooming regardless of how clean they still look. Grooming provides tons of health benefits that may not be noticeable for you now but would help your pet in the long run. For affordable pet grooming in Riverside, consult with our clinic today and set your first appointment with us. We provide complete grooming and pampering services for your pets in a comfortable environment.


Brushing your dog’s fur ventilates the coat and gets rid of old hair, which makes it grow healthier and stronger. The added ventilation helps prevent grease buildup that can block pores and irritate your dog’s skin. The brushing strokes promote blood circulation to various parts of the skin.

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The Benefits of Grooming

Matting is oftentimes caused by tangled loose hair. It is important to pay attention to this when your dog undergoes molting, which is a natural process that prepares its body for the changes in the seasons. During the process, lots of hair can get matted and cause sores. Since all of these can get hidden under their coat, many owners might not notice them until the matting gets worse. For this reason, we recommend regular grooming for your dogs. Professional dog groomers always check for matting, sores, fleas, lumps, scratches, and other health issues that are potentially hazardous before they begin the grooming process.

Dental Care

Caring for your dog’s oral health is just as important as brushing its fur. Bad breath can be a sign of a gum disease or other illnesses. By being proactive and taking your dog to Dog Dentist Riverside, you can learn more about why your dog’s breath is a certain way. You may also avail of their various dental services, such as dental exams, cleaning, and surgery.

Grooming An Unwilling Dog

An unwilling and aggressive dog has its own reasons for being difficult while grooming. Understanding why your dog acts a certain way helps you deal with the situation. It is always better to start bathing, nail cutting, and other grooming activities when your dog is still young, so you become more familiar with what it likes and dislikes.

If your dog has a history of medical conditions or surgery, it might be experiencing pain during grooming. We recommend consulting with your veterinarian about this. Dogs also remember traumatic grooming situations, such as painful nail cutting, razor burns, etc. If your dog is generally fearful and aggressive, it is likely to feel the same with groomers and new places. Find a clinic for dog grooming in Riverside with trained professionals who have a history of working with aggressive dogs.

Professional Pet Grooming in Riverside

If the dog is unwilling to receive grooming from its owner, how would it be different from a professional groomer? A professional groomer has the experience and the tools that most pet owners do not have at home. They have the right tools that help improve your dog’s coat. When it comes to styling, a professional groomer knows the best hairstyles for various dog breeds, coat types, and can advise you on the ideal grooming schedule depending on your dog’s lifestyle and habits. Our expert groomers also give advice to pet owners about the best products to use, essential grooming tools for your dog, and how to handle an aggressive dog while grooming. You can always talk with our staff about your dog grooming concerns.

We believe that grooming is a good bonding time between owner and pet, but we also understand the amount of effort necessary for your dog to get used to grooming activities. Schedule a grooming appointment with our best groomers and see how we get along with your pet. For your inquiries regarding our pet grooming in Riverside services and prices, call us or get in touch via email.